Teodoro García Egea visita las zonas afectadas por el temporal en Ibiza

“Today, the Ábalos case is the paradigm of a government that advances day by day in a lie”

The secretary general denounces that the Executive has collaborated with the vice president of Maduro, who is banned from entering the EU and has not informed the authorities that "he was treading Spanish and European soil."

“What does Sánchez de Maduro fear, what does the Venezuelan vice president fear, what do Venezuelans know about them so that they have to protect a person whose entry into the EU is prohibited? He asks.

He requests the urgent appearance of Minister Marlaska to explain what have been the procedures that have allowed Ábalos to “enter the Barajas authorities room, get on a plane and meet a lady who is prohibited from stepping on Spanish soil.”

"We want to know if the Minister of the Interior has collaborated in this lie and this argument of the head of Development and if Pedro Sánchez agrees with all these lies," he says.

About the reform ad hoc of the Government so that Junqueras can recover the seat and get out of jail, García Egea warns that Sanchez may "be tempted to change the law tomorrow if Junqueras skips a stop."

It demands the "immediate resignation" of the Balearic Minister of Social Affairs and responsibilities to President Armengol for her "incompetence for not putting measures" to protect minors under the tutelage of the regional government.

“They will come on March 8 to put on the feminist bond, but in this case they are not doing anything to protect the future of these girls,” says García Egea, who has also asked for explanations from Vice President Calvo.

He points out that his training has requested the Executive to declare the areas devastated by the storm as severely affected areas and that the Government act and coordinate all administrations so that before Easter Week the beaches and tourist infrastructure are in full state.

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