El secretario general del Partido Popular, Teodoro García Egea, en la presentación de la conferencia de Ana Pastor en Club Siglo XXI

"The presidents of the PP lead the rebellion of good sense against a government that puts ideology above health," he says

– Underlines that Pablo Casado has been in a state of alarm proposing legal instruments that allow communities to make decisions according to their specificities

– "There is a clear maneuver by the PSOE to put ideology above health, the economy, growth and prosperity," he criticizes

– Ask why when Díaz Ayuso decides to limit mobility in areas of Madrid is an aggression against citizens and when Illa decides it is not

– He reproaches Salvador Illa "for putting politically in the BOE what he would like to see happen, which is the closure of Madrid"

– Explain that yesterday the epidemiologists of the different communities, in a meeting prior to that of the minister with the regional councilors, were against the Health approach for not having had time to evaluate its consequences

– It highlights that Murcia voted against the order of the Ministry of Health in the previous meeting yesterday morning and also in the afternoon

– "In the face of Rufián's insults and the ignominy of the president of Congress, who yesterday defended democracy, the monarchy and the rule of law was Pablo Casado," he underlines

– “The end of Vox's motion of censure will be the image of Sánchez acclaimed by the majority Frankenstein that helped the Government ”, warns

– "The motion is not useful, what it does is reinforce Sánchez and the majority who write these infamous boes against the CAM," he says.

– Remember that the motion of censure does not come out because for this Bildu, ERC and Junts per Cat would have to join. "The theater will end with Sánchez applauded, praised and acclaimed," he reproaches

– Called a "mistake" to encourage the division of the center right. "Either we unite the votes around the only government alternative that is the PP or we have Sánchez for a while," he warns

– Announces that the PP will bring the lack of objectivity of the State Attorney General's Office to Europe for the community institutions to examine

– "It is a shame that in Spain any citizen thinks that the decisions of the Prosecutor's Office are made by Minister 24 de Sánchez," he concludes

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