Headlines given to the media:

  • The general secretary of the PP affirms that today is an important day for the Community of Madrid, because he will have “a government of freedom” chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso.
  • Stresses that the left in Madrid loses. The same "who try to raise taxes, put tolls on public highways and make confrontation their only argument and disqualification their idea force."
  • He emphasizes that, given that, “families earn today” that will benefit from tax reductions, while those who try to suffocate them lose.
  • Recommends the More Madrid party to be patient and recover from the blow that has meant that a majority of citizens turn their backs on the proclamation of Díaz Ayuso.
  • He proposes that for each insult that the PP receives from the Iñigo Errejón party, “the presidents and mayors of the PP lower a tax”, and that for every expletive, eliminate a bureaucratic obstacle.
  • He explains that the Community of Madrid will be, together with the rest of the Autonomous Communities governed by the PP, "a counterweight" to the Government of Pedro Sánchez "that every day puts a new tax on families."

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