Holders of their statements before the media;

  • He affirms that the investiture debate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso that is being held today “evidence that the PP has the capacity to reach agreements and unlock complex situations”
  • "The PP is more necessary than ever and today in Madrid history will be made with a government of freedom that looks to the future"
  • He points out that the PSOE can choose between two alternatives: the Podemos bloc and the separatists, “who became president a year ago and to whom Sánchez continues to reach out,” and the constitutionalist bloc, which adds more seats than Pedro Sánchez
  • Urges the socialist candidate to unlock the political situation by supporting a government in which the constitutionalist block proposes a candidate other than him
  • "It is time that the PSOE think if it is worth continuing to block Spain for the personal commitment of a man who does not get the support he had a year ago"
  • He criticizes that the government has not been able to carry out the Budgets or the investiture and maintains that Spain does not deserve to be blocked by a party that has failed to agree with those with whom it moved forward the motion of censure
  • He emphasizes that “what comes from the hand of the PSOE are more taxes, as was evident in the happily rejected Budgets that the PSOE presented a few months ago”
  • Remember that the PSOE has gone from defending the possibility of governing reaching agreements to advocate for the most voted list. "That they had started in Navarra where the constitutionalists won and the PSOE vilely allied itself with independence and with Bildu"
  • Evidence of the “lack of capacity” of Íñigo Errejón to assume his defeats first against Pablo Iglesias and now against Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “Today is a new defeat of the radical left in Madrid and they should get used to it”

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