He emphasizes that the negotiations with UP and Esquerra are part of “a road map that is in the nature of Pedro Sánchez”. "Rather than being embraced by Iglesias, he is supported by him because if this agreement fails, it is difficult to be president again," he says.

Remember that the socialist militancy had in its hands "abort" a government, could have shown that it does not agree with the pact with Esquerra, but prefer to govern with the CUP, ERC and JuntsxCat as they already do in Catalan municipalities and in the Diputación de Barcelona.

He asked Sánchez, who said in the electoral debate that he would criminalize the call for an illegal referendum, if he will include this issue in his pact with Esquerra. "We will not stop denouncing the abject agreement with ERC," he says.

He warns the PSOE that Sanchez is going to put everything on the table in order to govern, if only for a year.

Appeals to the parties that are decisive for a Sánchez government as Teruel There, PRC or CC and "who have been systematically deceived by him", who "today have in their hands to derail government with separatists."

"Everyone who votes yes to Sánchez will share his destiny and take responsibility for his policies."

He denounces that the Socialist Party of Chivite that negotiates the budgets of Navarra with Bildu, "is the same PSOE that makes us believe that it agrees with Podemos because it has no other alternative."

He assures that Pedro Sánchez is the president of ERC and the ERE and that the PP will be the counterweight denouncing his abuses to prevent his policies from being even more harmful.

Remember that the first initiative of the PP in Congress will be that Sanchez appear to give explanations of the ERE and what are the merits that have led him to have the ministers Montero and Calvo in his Government.

"Sanchez should show his face because he is hidden and does not talk about Esquerra or the ERE."

He criticizes that when Franco was breathed in, Sanchez gave a press conference and an institutional declaration and with the ERE, he hides. "For Sánchez Franco it is the present and the ERE is the past," he says.

He points out that the PSOE has come to power by a motion of censure and the condemnation of two mayors and that is why the PP cannot be asked to make Sánchez president with a sentence like that of the ERE, the most serious in Europe in matters of corruption

"We are clear who is our adversary and the enemy of Spain and economic growth: the left, that of the minister who scolded the CC.AA of the PP for lowering taxes."

He criticizes that Sanchez, despite having spent 200 million in useless elections and having lost 700,000 votes, "does not make a single reflection on why it has led the country to this situation."

On the Gender Violence Law urges those who want to improve it to submit a proposal in the Cortes.

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