Press conference holders from the headquarters of the PP in Santander

  • He affirms that the “dilemma” of the investiture is not Sánchez or elections, and proposes that this situation can be resolved “by promoting another candidate and even with an alliance between PP and Citizens and the abstention of the rest of constitutionalist parties and the PSOE”.
  • He agrees with what the King expressed that "he has said what many Spaniards think" and places Sánchez as the "only blocking element of Spanish democracy."
  • He considers that the government pact in Navarra is the "great evidence" that Sanchez does not want the constitutionalists and with that alliance with Bildu the PP cannot abstain in the second debate of his investiture.
  • Remember the contradictions of Sánchez, who threw Iglesias in the face of having agreed with Bildu in Navarra, and now he is the one who does it. "How many times are we going to have to see Sánchez's contradictions, rectifications or lies to realize that it is not reliable," he asks.
  • He claims the "example" given by the center-right parties to Sánchez of how agreements are reached and the result is that many Spaniards who did not vote for the PP, now see this party as the only alternative to Pedro Sánchez.
  • Remember that all politicians who submitted to the polls after Sanchez already have governments underway that are going to start implementing measures.
  • It affects Revilla that he has been Sánchez's "only ally" and believes that many Cantabrians are sorry that their vote ended up being a yes to Sánchez.
  • He says that while the PP promotes the infrastructure needed by Cantabria from the Cortes, the PRC and the PSOE sign “wet paper” without budget support.
  • He criticizes that Rufián has tried “tertiary or moderate” between Podemos and the PSOE and ensures that Cantabria's budget cannot be in the hands of the ERC spokesperson.

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