The head of the list to Congress defends that “10N we play a lot; or the Region of Murcia or Pedro Sánchez ”

The head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Teodoro García Egea, has made it clear this morning in his visit to Cartagena that “the only possibility for Spain to move forward is for Pablo Casado to win the elections”, since “this 10N we play much; or the Region of Murcia or Pedro Sánchez, if Casado is president, we will be heard without interference and our Region will finally have the weight it deserves in the Government of Spain. ”

In this sense, he has indicated that "Murcia have to decide between the growth of the country or Pedro Sánchez, since all that is not voting for the PP is to give Sanchez wings."

“If all of us who defend that the tax cut is good, that the freedom of parents when choosing the education of their children is above all, we vote together; the next 10N Sánchez will not be president and we will get the Region of Murcia out of the isolation to which they are subjected, ”García Egea defended during the visit to the city that aspires to achieve the category of World Heritage.

The secretary general of the PP has regretted that Sanchez has left the Region in this last year and a half and that "he has not deigned to step on our land or in the countryside"; in the face of this management disaster, in the words of Egea, “we see that when Pablo Casado is entrusted with the work of forming a government, we achieve a stable government as has happened in the Region of Murcia or in the Madrid City Council; we dialogue and look to the future ”.

As for the latest national surveys, Egea has stressed that “they draw a clear picture, as long as Pedro Sánchez remains in that position, the Spaniards will have a blocked government and the only possibility for Spain to move forward is with a serious government that he listens to the problems of the Region; is that Pablo Casado wins the elections ”.

In this regard, he asks the Spaniards to look to the future, “each time the PSOE has less support and the PP gets more accessions after being aware of Sanchez must continue to govern, so this is the only option to have a prosperity government for Spain ”.

“With Casado, our real problems are going to be heard”

Likewise, the president of the PP of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, who, together with the vice mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, have accompanied García Egea in his visit to the Roman Forum, recalled that “García Egea is the guarantee for the Region of Murcia ”, since“ if Pablo Casado is president of the Government, our problems will be really heard ”.

In line he has defended that "this 10’N will only see two options, or Pedro Sánchez or Pablo Casado, all those who do not want Sánchez in the presidency have to vote for Casado to get out of the unlocking." “Casado and García Egea are going to dedicate much more than Sanchez to the Region, which has only allocated 37 minutes of his time to our land in his short and disastrous legislature,” concluded López Miras.

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