• “The only problem that Spanish politics has to get unlocked is Pedro Sánchez. Only when he left Spanish politics, Spain could be unlocked. As Susana Díaz told her, ‘the problem is you”
  • "Sanchez refused to hold the debate on Tuesday because he did not want to appear with the letter of introduction of being the president who returned to Spain to the levels of unemployment growth of the worst moment of the crisis"
  • He denounces that Sánchez did not dedicate yesterday "not a minute" to talk about employment after knowing the worst unemployment data since 2012. "If we continue along that path of unemployment growth we will relive old times spent sadly lived by the Spanish," he says.
  • He regrets that Sánchez proposed in the debate that governs the most voted list, “while in Navara he gave an order to agree with Bildu not to let PP C´s and UPN rule, and he did the same in Badalona and Castelldefels agreeing with ER, Jx CAT and the CUP ”
  • “I ask Sánchez to intervene in the digital world against the fallacy of the Catalan Republic, in real life: on the streets, sending a request to Torra to comply with the Constitution or apply or the Law and National Security to protect the FyCSE ”
  • "The president of the acting Government should be more concerned with citizens on the day of reflection and on the day of the vote, than for not bothering Torra and Puigdemont"

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