The general secretary of the Popular Party has reiterated that the position of the PP regarding the investiture of Pedro Sanchez has not changed, consisting of "not Sanchez and yes to Spain", so he has noted that "what happens next week it is the sole responsibility of Sánchez, who does not look for more guilty parties. "

At a press conference after the Steering Committee, criticized that Sanchez has called "many meetings", and has not transferred "any offer to the Spanish," and has blamed that "what is to please the PP and the Spanish will be dislike your partners' motion of censure. "

In this sense, he has shamed the socialist candidate for wanting an "a la carte investiture" to have a government alone, and with active or passive support from the rest of the groups, and has encouraged him to find that context "where found the motion of censure. "

Therefore, he urged Sanchez to read in his book "Manual of resistance", which stated that the abstention of the PSOE in the investiture of Rajoy "was a terrible idea and a mistake of historical magnitude." "You should remember this when you ask the PP to abstain," he stressed.

He has also warned Sanchez that "if Navarre is going to consummate his umpteenth agreement with Bildu and the nationalists, he has no reason to look in the mirror and ask the PP to abstain".

"If you really want a pact for the constitutionalists advance in territorial power, you can start with the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​where it relies on Junts per Cat instead of the PP, as well as the municipalities of Castelldefels and Badalona", has added


The secretary general of the PP has asked the PSOE "to refrain from putting pressure on the PP", because "we are convinced of what we do and proud to represent the alternative to Pedro Sánchez". "Look elsewhere that is not the PP bench," he added.

"The PP is not going to give the investiture to Sanchez. We are not going to allow Sanchez to be president either by active or by passive, "he stressed, because" while Pedro Sánchez is in the Moncloa, nobody cares for the interests of the Spanish. "


In another vein, Teodoro Garcia has been "reasonably optimistic" with the conformation of the governments in Madrid and Murcia, because in his opinion "no one would understand that those of us who think the same fundamentally are not able to agree".

Another issue dealt with in the Steering Committee, as the general secretary explained to the media, was the opening of a file to the members of the PP of La Palma "that went against the directives of the management national and regional at the time of following a policy of very specific pacts ".

Similarly, it has advanced that the national leadership of the PP will promote – jointly with the Basque PP – "the necessary clarifications through the appropriate means" of the spokesman of the PP of Guipúzcoa, Juan Carlos Cano, for the vote that led to Bildu chairs the Human Rights Commission in the General Assembly of Guipuzcoa.

In this sense, has moved that both the national PP and the Basque PP "are totally against," so "we will deepen to clarify and for all of Spain to know that the PP does not want to have anything to do with Bildu."

Finally, Garcia Egea has announced that today the senators of the PP have filed an appeal of unconstitutionality against the Basque law of police abuse, with the aim of "counterbalancing the payment of motion of censure that Sanchez perpetrated to be with power thanks to the votes of the PNV and Bildu ".

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