El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

· He reiterates that the PP has "the outstretched hand" to the Government to fight the virus, but "not so that the political, economic and social agenda of Podemos prevails." "We cannot support the government if the priority is to put Pablo Iglesias in a chair at the CNI," he says.

· Remember that today is a month since the government encouraged to participate in the massive 8M protests "saying that nothing was happening."

· He underlines that the autonomous presidents of the PP took measures before the Government and recalls that the first leader who told Sánchez to promote the state of alarm was Alfonso Fernández Mañueco; the first to confine part of the population was Fernando López Miras; the first to suspend classes at colleges and universities was Isabel Díaz Ayuso; the first to do quick tests, Alberto Núñez Feijoo and the first to start donating respirators to other autonomous communities, Juan Manuel Moreno.

· Given the opening of Parliament, he considers that Sánchez "has to be transparent not with the opposition but with the citizens."

· He criticizes that Sánchez talks about pacts, but "neither talks with Casado, nor with the Spanish companies that do tests, nor with the self-employed, he only talks with Pablo Iglesias."

· Regarding the proposal to reissue the Moncloa Pacts, he recalls that for a year and a half Pablo Casado has offered him eleven State pacts to which Pedro Sánchez has not responded.

· He considers that talking about the health crisis in "terms curved or curvy is to subtract the hardest and human part because behind there are broken families and people who have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones.

· It requires the Government to "be fully transparent, diligent and effective."

· He assures that nobody understands that a self-employed person cannot work and has to pay the fee and also describes as "incomprehensible" that people are asked to stay at home and at the same time pay taxes.

· Urges Sánchez to show his opinion on the PP's economic proposals that are being passed, among others, because the professionals who are on the front lines fighting the virus receive their raw payroll; that the relatives of the deceased do not pay the gift and inheritance tax; and that the payment of income and corporate taxes be deferred until September.

· He criticizes the government's lack of foresight and lack of diligence when buying 640 thousand tests from China, returning them as defective and then re-trusting the same company. "The tests are a matter of state, it is key, you can not play with this," he says.

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