Press conference headlines:

  • Garcia Egea on the vote of the PP to the investiture of Sanchez: "Not only we will not provide it, but we will make it difficult".
  • He emphasizes that the PP is a government party, now in opposition, but it will never be a "hinge party", so it closes the door to Sanchez being president. "The ball is not on the roof of the PP, but in Sanchez's," he adds.
  • Defines the PP as the "antagonist" party of the PSOE for differences in taxation, territorial model, education, pardons to the coup prisoners or the appointment of Borrell as vice president of the European Commission.
  • Criticizes to the PSOE to be installed in the "outlet" of the pacts and vindicates the coherence of the PP, that is marking the negotiations with other parties in the debates on programs, structures and people.
  • He believes that the negotiations with Ciudadanos and VOX to achieve "governments of freedom" in autonomies and municipalities are on the right track, that territorial tables have been established in all the communities and with advances in programmatic matters.
  • Against the "Persian marketing" of the PSOE, the PP from the opposition will try to "mitigate to the maximum the headache" that assumes Sanchez with the tax increases, with a road map that does not respond to the issues that concern the citizens.
  • Negotiations are taking place -on the line of common sense- on objective criteria and he affirms that it seems unlikely that Villacís could be made mayor by the same people who made him a escrache in the San Isidro Pilgrimage.

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