García Egea affirms that “the PP is the reflection of Spanish society, it is where the solutions are provided, where the Spanish need us and today we have seen it here”

The secretary general of the PP notes that, from now on and starting on November 10, we will have to choose between two different models: The success model of Córdoba, Andalusia, Madrid, Murcia, and Castilla y León; or the model of the failure of socialist governments, which until now have only brought bad news.

Teodoro García shows that “there are people who do not differentiate between raising and lowering taxes, between adding or subtracting. Those who do not differentiate should not be supported on November 10 ”.

Remember that the only candidate who appeared in the elections that has not gained the confidence of anyone has been Pedro Sánchez, so on November 10 we also choose between those who block and those who advance.

“In the PP we have the only objective of the future of Spain, we want to be more like those who are looking for new horizons, than those who only want to look to the past; we are more like those who try to put solutions, than those who conform to what they have and try to return to old failed recipes. ”

"All those who have not wanted to join the proposal made by Pablo Casado, generous, sincere and patriotic of Spain Suma, will have to explain until November 10 why they have not done so."

García Egea has pointed out that "clouds are coming in the economy", but there is a difference between governing the PP or the PSOE:

when the clouds begin the PP builds an ark to protect the citizens and the PSOE plays the music of the shipwreck; That's the big difference between PP and PSOE. ”

He has asked that from November 10, “let's just talk about what we know our neighbors need, not what Pedro Sánchez needs; let's talk about what we know how to do and we have done and set as an example our governments ”.

“On November 10 at night Spain will finally have a government and will be able to get out of the blockade and will do it with Pablo Casado. On November 10 we are going to make the hope that has flooded many regions materialize throughout Spain. ”

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