El secretario general del PP, Teodoro García Egea, interviene en la sesión de control al Gobierno

“Since you occupy an armchair in the Government, the Spanish cannot even go on a quiet vacation. I understand that you are not for worldly things, the kind of ordinary people, but families need a solution "

“Where there is no property, there is no Justice. Is Iglesias on the side of the squatters or the citizens? "

“You don't like to rule. He likes being in government, which is different. You have betrayed the people who still do not collect the IMV "

“At first I thought that you did not paint anything in the government, but now I have realized that everything is worth to you as long as you continue in office. In Murcia we would say give me bread and tell me silly "

“He has been concerned for a long time about the increase in support for President Casado. One thing is clear, one of those who will never win an election in Spain is you "

“If he's sitting here, it's only because Sánchez needs an altar boy. And by the way he does his dirty work with Bildu "

“You live pending the dock. That is why he is desperate to get his hands on justice. Take care, because if they impute you the same Sánchez will stop you "

"Seeing the scandals that surround you and your government, Maxim Huerta must understand absolutely nothing today"

“What was the Minister of Justice doing sunbathing with a convicted person for stealing 700 million euros from the Andalusian unemployed? Is this how you cut with corruption, in the bar and in cañas with a condemned person in the case of the ERE? "

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