Holders of the intervention of the Secretary General

  • Garcia Egea describes as "fruitful" and "a great starting point" the meeting with Citizens and announces the creation of working groups between both parties to promote a project of transforming government in Castilla y León.
  • Stresses that this "important meeting" for the future of autonomy is a good starting point for a new project that offers economic growth, tax cuts, job creation, equality of all-live where they live-and look to the future. "We want Castilla y León to remain a benchmark," he adds.
  • Ensures that now talk about programs, with objective criteria that respect the will of citizens at the polls.
  • It opposes "the governments of freedom, of the future and of the creation of employment" that represent the center-right parties, in front of the badly named change governments, which are characterized by tax increases.
  • "We do not negotiate with red lines. The need we have is to improve the lives of citizens and prevent left governments from reaching power, "he says.
  • Stresses that the sum of PP and Cs can offer a "project of hopeful future" for Castilian citizens.
  • He argues that "liberal governments and reform center" improve the lives of people objectively and gives an example to Andalusia.
  • Ensures that these agreements will be "black on white" in measures that affect "regeneration, transparency and accountability."

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