Teodoro García en la sesión de control al Gobierno

He assures that Iglesias "became the Robin Hood of Spanish politics and has ended up being an extra in the IBEX photo"

  • It offers "Casado's outstretched hand" to pass an anti-occupation law, "which is the only hope of thousands of Spaniards not to lose their home"
  • He affirms that Iglesias "is in his troubles and in his judicial scandals that have him very busy, so he wants to put his hand in the judges, with the help of Sánchez." "Today Podemos has the worst quarry, but the best bench in Spanish politics," he asserts
  • He affirms that with the Government Spain has officially entered the "Champions" being the country with negative leading indicators for two months. "We are the number one country in youth unemployment, we are the first to be infected," he adds
  • He complains that many families have not received the ERTE, nor the IMV, while the advisers and friends of the “revolving doors” of Iglesias “have received this month”
  • What responsibility does it have for the Government of Spain to be the one that has managed the pandemic worst in Europe ?, he asks Iglesias
  • “Spain adds as many cases of coronavirus in two weeks as Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Germany combined. And it's normal, because a Spaniard who goes to Italy is forced to take a test, but an Italian who comes to Spain is allowed to enter freely "

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