El secretario general del PP, Teodoro García Egea, en la Sesión de Control al Gobierno

  • Urges the vice president to explain if, in the event of outbreaks, the Government is going to hide information such as on March 8 or if they are going to dismiss the Civil Guard at the Madrid airport or choose to blame the autonomous presidents of the PP
  • Ask Iglesias "how is it possible that a man has crossed all of Spain passing through Barajas and the virus has not been detected"
  • Calls on the Government to accept the proposals of Pablo Casado to extend the ERTES until the end of the year, agree on the Cajal Pact for Health and aid "seriously" to the tourism sector
  • He assures us that from this crisis "we did not come out stronger because thousands of workers, SMEs and the self-employed are being left behind"
  • He reproaches Iglesias that the Government "is already reducing the wages of public workers." "It begins by cutting wages at RENFE and ends up sending thousands of people unemployed," he warns.
  • He asks Iglesias "if they have leaked information from the Prosecutor's Office" on the matter for which he is being investigated and urges him to answer "why he did answer the calls of the leakers and not from the nursing homes"
  • He accuses the Government of hiding the exact number of deaths due to coronavirus because "when he does not like reality he hides it" as they did in the face of the alert about the danger of carrying out protests on 8M or with calls from nursing homes
  • It is ironic that the vice president is "worried and nervous" about whether the PP wins the elections or not when he has lost them all so far
  • He reminds Iglesias that "he is vice president thanks to a man who has not minded deceiving all his voters and his party in order to agree with you"
  • He affirms that Iglesias "cried with emotion at the investiture because he did not believe that Sánchez was capable of appointing him vice president and now Spain is crying at the frustration of having the worst government at the worst time"
  • He urges Iglesias to "reflect on their usefulness" because "he cries a lot, but manages little and only to place friends on revolving doors"

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