El secretario general del PP, Teodoro García Egea, interviene en la sesión de control al Gobierno

  • "You do not defend the King or the Constitution and have you compared the parliamentary monarchy with independence? How can you fall so low? " spits Pedro Sánchez
  • The general secretary of the PP criticizes that Iglesias “talks all day about reaching out”, when “they are more than raising it and if not that they tell his number three, Alberto Rodríguez, who is to raise his hand to the Police while wait to be called to testify in the Supreme Court "
  • "Between you in the National Court and yours in the Supreme Court, they could set up the Podemos meetings between trial and trial and also call the accused Secretary of State for Tourism"
  • "Pablo Casado and the Popular Party are the hope and only alternative for Spain to the failed government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias," he says.

  • He denounces that when Pablo Iglesias says that the PP will never govern Spain, he means that "he will do everything possible to continue bolted to the couch" and recalls that "Carmena also said so"
  • “Sánchez is the first president of the Democracy who openly asks that they present a motion of censure against him. You, without Vox, are nothing ", he remarks
  • He regrets that the Executive "anything is worth to remain in power", and asks Iglesias how he carries the Budgets
  • He assures that the Government "no longer fools anyone: Madrid fights against the virus and, you, against Madrid"

  • Emphasizes the "absolute disloyalty" of the Government that intends to take control of the health of Madrid but did not do so in Aragon, Catalonia, Navarra or La Rioja with worse figures than CAM
  • "What control are they going to take when they buy masks and fake tests, have ghost expert committees, ignore the risks, send people to demonstrate risking their lives in 8M and do not even know how to count our dead?"
  • “Madrid is IFEMA, the management of the schools and the fight to avoid the Barajas drain. You are going to be remembered for the 8M, the abandonment of the residences for the elderly and the feasts in the Salamanca district ”, he emphasizes

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