En secretario general del Partido Popular, Teodoro García Egea, interviene en la Sesión de Control

• Criticizes the government blaming vulture funds, José Luis Martínez-Almeida and “the target of all their criticism, Isabel Díaz Ayuso” for their mismanagement

• He ensures that the Spanish know all the "mantras" of the Executive, "they know that this virus is stopped by all of us but that only you have stopped Madrid"

• He points out that Pablo Iglesias asked the EU to investigate the Rajoy government for the Ebola crisis in which there was only one infected who was cured and the death of a dog, and asks the minister what decisions his vice-presidency has taken about the future of the Spanish after the death of almost 28,000 people by COVID-19

• Reminds Iglesias that he has surrounded the headquarters of a political party, has encouraged escraches to a vice president and has prescribed "democratic syrup" to his opponents and suggests that instead of organizing the distribution of "democratic syrup", organize the distribution of masks

• "I condemn all dictatorships and all harassment, because I defend freedom, not like you", incide

• Denounces that the vice president boasts a “social shield” while thousands of ERTEs are not paid and many workers have been without a euro for 2 months. "The only social shield that you have built is to protect your government" he points out

• “As employment collapses in Spain, it skyrockets in Podemos. You are the most expensive vice president in history and the most expensive will go to Spain, "he says

• “The self-employed pay their quotas so that their Government spends 250,000 euros a day on advisers. What a Spaniard spends all his life in his habitual residence, you spend in a single day on finger-pointing charges, ”he criticizes.

• He assures that Iglesias has replaced the revolving doors that he criticized so much "for automatic doors, which open for members of Podemos"

• “In the Financial Times he presented himself as the Spanish Varoufakis. I find it very successful, Varoufakis, a wealthy man, a minister who ended up ruining his country, cutting pensions and cutting social benefits, "he concludes

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