El secretario general del Partido Popular,Teodoro García Egea, en Sesión de Control

  • Urges the vice president to "look back and remember when he slandered others who have now been found innocent"
  • Before the investigation of the National Court, Pablo Iglesias requires him to clarify whether he continues to think that "in politics you do not ask for forgiveness, in politics you resign"
  • "He came to regenerate politics and has ended up being the emperor of the sewers." "You are a fraud", criticizes
  • He assures that in Europe "they do not trust" the Government because in Europe "there is no vice president who has stolen a mobile card, has hidden it for months and is now being investigated by the Justice"
  • It highlights that the "management balance" that the Galicians and the Basques have made have produced "bad" results for the PSOE and "lousy" for Podemos
  • "Since you are so many cards, in Galicia they have taken the red card. Close when you leave, Señor Iglesias ”
  • He asked if the University of Cambridge was twitching after saying that the Government of Spain was the one that had managed the pandemic the worst and questioned Iglesias about what self-criticism he made of his work.
  • "If there was no alternative plan to the state of alarm, why can autonomous presidents now confine the population? The only thing this government knows how to do is confine us? ”
  • Calls for checks to be made at airports to ensure that people do not carry the coronavirus, just as they are done to detect drugs, weapons and explosives to protect our security, so as not to throw away the effort of thousands of Spanish for months

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