Teodoro García Egea durante su intervención en la sesión de control al Gobierno.

Holders of his speech:

"All of Spain knows that when he got up from Puerta del Sol and sat in the vice presidency, he forgot about the people"

He regrets that, while the vice president speaks of "dialogue and outstretched hand", he insults the president of the Community of Madrid and the mayor of the capital. "His moderate and conciliatory speech is more false than the reports of the Johns Hopkins de Sánchez", he asserts

He wonders what specific functions Iglesias is developing as vice president in this crisis and assures that he will be remembered for "skipping the quarantine, for his chair at the CNI, for trying to control the media and for his fights" with the ministers Calviño and Escrivá. "But above all, you and Sánchez will be remembered for lying to the Spanish in the face"

He criticizes that the names of the experts who have decided the phase step of the CCAA have not been released. "Why do they hide their names? Is it because they are negotiating with the health of the Spanish to maintain what little health remains for the government? "

"All of Spain has been wondering who are the experts who advise the Government. In other latitudes it was you, Senor Echenique and Senor Monedero who advised. Of course, without much success, because those countries have ended up ruined and with serious social crises ”

He maintains that "the only thing he is doing well" is Iglesias "appropriating the measures of the PP", going from demonstrating on the street against the labor reform to "taking his chest out of its application" and "voting against Rajoy's budgets to govern comfortably with them ”

“Every time you quote the words„ social cuts ‟, you have to look to your right, to Mr. Sánchez, because yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the largest social cut in our history. 10 years ago the Zapatero government lowered the salaries of officials, froze pensions and cut social benefits, and the young deputy Sánchez voted in favor "

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