Stresses that the unemployment data for August are the worst this month since 2010

The secretary general of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, explained, after knowing the data of the registered unemployment, which are "the worst data for the month of August since 2010". In addition, he stressed that the number of indefinite contracts has fallen for the seventh consecutive month, job creation has fallen by 22 percent during the first eight months and the number of Social Security affiliates has fallen by 212,984 people over the month of July".

In the press conference after the PP Steering Committee, the PP secretary general has announced that his parliamentary group will request the appearance of the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, in the Congress of Deputies, to explain what measures will undertake not to return "to the times when the Spaniards asked for work and did not find it". “We are with a functioning government that does not work, brings unemployment, recession and fewer opportunities to the Spanish. Spain needs a change, a government that understands the magnitude of the problem we have. ”


On the other hand, García Egea has asked the Minister of Finance not to return delays in payment to suppliers. “Sanchez must pay what he owes to the autonomous communities, what he owes to the Spaniards. Either Spain changes course or we will live again what we live. The ghost of the crisis and recession returns, ”he said. In addition, he recalled that the Popular Parliamentary Group has already requested the appearance of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero.

The popular leader has criticized that, with this panorama, Pedro Sánchez "is presenting today 300 measures that are nothing but an electoral program of elections that he wants at all costs." "Instead of giving the face for the bad unemployment data that have been generated during his term, he wants elections."

Teodoro García Egea has lamented the political blockade, whose head is Pedro Sánchez. "Not only does he not know how to agree, he doesn't want to talk to anyone." "With everyone who has agreed on the CCAA now says that in the Government of Spain is not possible." "If we Spaniards have to vote again, let no one forget that Sánchez has been the only one responsible for this country being paralyzed for a year," he added.

Finally, García Egea has stressed that the fundamental objective that the PP has pursued with Spain Suma to go together in some institutions is that “Pedro Sánchez does not continue to govern, does not continue destroying employment and that the acting president and those 300 positions he has placed in Moncloa go to unemployment ”.

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