Holders of the statements before the media:

  • He affirms that the failure in his negotiations evidences that the Government of Pedro Sánchez "has deteriorated to such an extent that he has not managed to bring together even those who made him president in a motion of censure a year ago."
  • Ensures that the fact that neither United We, ERC or PNV support him, demonstrates that no one from the parliamentary arch, either left or right, already trusts him. "Confidence in Sanchez is impaired, as is confidence in the Socialist Party project to lead Spain."

  • He emphasizes that the path that Pedro Sánchez has undertaken during these days is irreversible. He has opened the door of the Council of Ministers to Podemos and asked him to put the names on the chairs. Remember that "never before in history have the doors of the Council been opened to the extreme left" and hopes that, if they have to go to the polls again, the citizens will take it into account.

  • It criticizes that the PSOE proposes that the PP refrain because it is as if the PP proposes that the PSOE must abstain for the PP and Citizens to govern. "It is a chimera and a requirement that we believe is not credible, because the path that Pedro Sánchez has already walked requires that the PP is considered to be the dam of containment of leftist policies."

  • "Sanchez wants to govern with his preferred partner, the extreme left and today we have confirmed that he is anything but a focused, moderate president who defends constitutional values."

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