El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa


· The PP secretary general has regretted that "a government allergic to self-criticism and addicted to propaganda" does not base its offer of pacts on anything, since "we do not know what its content is."

· He denounces the attitude of Sánchez, who has not called the opposition leader in the last 10 days and who is unable to recognize a single mistake despite governing the country in which more people die per million inhabitants and having his parliamentary spokesman insulting Pablo Casado.

· "When the PSOE speaks in the terms that Lastra has expressed to the opposition leader, there is no great deal of agreement," regrets García Egea.

· He asks Sánchez to focus on “what's important”, so that the protection teams reach those who are on the front lines of the battle against the virus, as well as those who have returned to their jobs today.

· He regrets the improvisation of the government, since many workers who were returning to their positions today, did not know last night if they should join or not, repeating the scene of uncoordination two weeks ago.

· He believes that the government is making too many blind decisions and recalls that, at the time, when Ayuso or López Miras adopted measures, they received criticism from the government and, immediately afterwards, Sánchez had to take those same measures.

· He stresses that the “de-escalation” process must be taken with technical reports that show that there is no danger of any regrowth, since we are talking about human lives.

· It highlights that the government is the one who has all the information, such as when it authorized the marches throughout Spain in March, despite the fact that days before the most important congress in the world on mobile technology had been canceled and did not comply with the scientific criteria it had on table.

· “We cannot let the cost of the economic closure fall on the workers, the self-employed or SMEs; it is the government that has to pay and bear the economic cost of the people who have been forced to close ”.

· "The PP will be with the government to eliminate any threat to the health of the Spanish, but not to ruin Spain, that is why we ask that it is not the SMEs and the self-employed who end up paying for the closure of the economy."

· Remember that in the PP "we continue to vote yes to the extensions of the state of alarm, something that Sánchez's partners do not do", but we do not support the government's economic agenda, preventing the self-employed from stopping spending the quota and allowing keep them paying taxes.

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