Headlines of the press conference from the Congress of Deputies

  • He believes there are programmatic issues to move forward in the future: in the case of Madrid, eliminate the area called Central Madrid, promote public-private collaboration, strengthen policies that guarantee the freedom of parents to choose an educational center, develop a plan to improve public health and free choice of doctor.
  • Stresses that the programmatic debate is moving forward and it is necessary to continue in this line because next Saturday the municipalities are constituted and, during the week, some assemblies and regional parliaments.
  • It stands out that we are in the scenario in which the PP acts with responsibility, works on the programmatic issues and we hope that the will expressed by the citizens at the polls will be reflected in real governments of change.
  • It proposes centered governments, of freedom, that guarantee the idiosyncrasy of each municipality and that respect the majority will of the electors. "We do not want a government with Podemos, nor radicalized in the hands of Pedro Sanchez's friends," he says.
  • Regarding the condition of Cs to limit the mandates to 8 years, it asks to establish "objective criteria" when deciding who renounces or not. "I do not like personal conditions," he insists.
  • "Everything that is to advance in the regeneration, affect who affects, we are willing to speak it" but that "is with objective criteria", as well as the PP not only "it will not be an impediment" but it will promote "measures to deepen the regeneration and improve the democratic quality ".
  • Both forces have talked about the possibility of advancing the governance of some municipalities where the two parties can add majorities.

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