Teodoro García Egea, en rueda de prensa


• He believes that Iglesias intends to “reinvent the wheel” with the minimum vital income already paid by the autonomous communities and criticizes that, while this measure is being proposed, “funds related to active employment policies have been subtracted”.

• Stresses that the PP will be next to the government "seamlessly" to end the health crisis, but if the measures are based on the self-employed, SMEs and citizens paying taxes during the state of alarm "we will not be able to support them".

• “As long as we are clear that we have to end the pandemic from a health point of view, the PP will be on the side of the Government. To impose an economic model taking advantage of the situation, as Iglesias is trying, the PP will not be together with Iglesias and Sánchez ”.

• He maintains that one part of the Government is trying to impose itself on another and that Iglesias's theses are gaining strength over the rest. "The Council of Ministers should first agree and then seek unanimity with the rest of the political forces. The Pacts of La Moncloa offered by Sánchez, starting with La Moncloa ”.

• "Today in the Government, they are not very concerned with mass tests or the protection of toilets, but rather in a struggle over which ministry imposes their criteria."

• Demand from the Executive “certainty, foresight and that it count on the opposition parties”, because “it is not received” that Casado found out about the meeting with Sánchez through a press conference.

• Remember that Casado whenever the Prime Minister has called him has come to the appointment "and this time was not going to be less". "The main opposition party is available in this pandemic, from the institutions and the parliament."

• He praises the work of Juanma Moreno, who “from the first moment put himself at the forefront of crisis management” and appreciates that the number of infections and those affected is clearly being reduced in this Community.

• He underlines that Sánchez has more loyalty in the PP than within his own Council of Ministers and recalls that his party has approved the alarm states "without seeing them".

• Reiterates the need to carry out massive tests and protect the health and FCSE, because "the economies that have managed to get out of this have been those that have tested the population on a massive scale."

• He denounces that the questions of the CIS do not "serve any public purpose" for the citizens who are confined and highlights that the right to information is fundamental "and cannot be limited by any Government".

• "We defend freedom with all its consequences and open and plural debate," says García Egea, who assures that the Executive is "uncomfortable with the press."

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