Holders of his intervention:

  • "The PP of Pablo Casado is known as the party of the fulfillment of our commitments"
  • García Egea: "Sanchez has a great ego and Casado has a great team." No other party can exhibit the achievements we have achieved in the autonomies where we govern, ”he adds
  • He says that “the PP represents the unlocking, the advances, the centrality, the ability to reach agreements with those who are different but join us common ideas”
  • "The only politician who has not been able to agree with anyone is called Pedro Sánchez" says García Egea, who adds that "when Sanchez leaves politics we can unlock Spain"
  • "What the Popular Party proposes for the 10N already applies successfully in the Autonomous Communities where we govern and represents the perfect combination between security and freedom," he says, stressing that "all regions in which the PP governs generate employment"
  • He affirms that “if Pedro Sánchez had to choose, he would rather divide the vote of the right center than ask for the vote for himself. That is why we have to do everything possible so that all of us who believe in the same will be 10-N with Pablo Casado ”
  • Ask the members of the PP to give “the best in this campaign”. "There is much that unites us, we have the best project, the best candidate for the presidency of our country, Pablo Casado and it is worth fighting for all this"

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