El secretario general, Teodoro García Egea

• Asks the Government to rectify "in its drift against Madrid and the PP CC.AA"

• He states that "for the PP governments, the enemy is the virus, but that, for the PSOE, it seems to be the Community of Madrid"

• Remember that, while Isabel Diaz Ayuso will distribute masks to all Madrid residents in pharmacies starting Monday, "Sánchez will continue distributing propaganda, which is the only thing he knows how to do"

• “More than 26,000 people have had to die for the Government to listen to the Popular Party and decree official mourning. It is incomprehensible that it took so long, but the continuous pressure of Pablo Casado has forced him to rectify "

• “Joining forces, we will leave long before the health and economic crisis; separating and generating hatred as the Executive is doing, they will not achieve anything that helps the Spanish ", incidences

• Announces that the PP has proposed in Congress that a medal be awarded to Police, Civil Guards, and the military in recognition of their fight "on the front line" against the coronavirus. For all those who lost their lives, the awarding of medals to the Order of Civil Merit, the Civil Guard, and Police, with a red badge

• Criticizes the government is increasing senior positions while refusing to exempt relatives of those who died of coronavirus from inheritance and gift taxes, giving extra pay to health professionals, and that essential services workers receive their gross salary while the alarm state lasts

• He wonders how it is possible that Spain being the country with the most infected health workers in the world, is left out of the distribution of one and a half million masks that the EU is making available to countries

• “We have the worst possible government, at the worst possible time. "Why so much minister if they are not there when they are needed?"

• Ensures that the Executive "improvises on our lives, our economy and on the future of Spain"

• He points out that there is a plan B – alternative and legal instruments to the state of alarm – "the least burdensome for the Spanish but the most uncomfortable for the Government"

• He considers that we have "a government without credibility, whose only solution is that nobody leaves their home without any other alternative"

• Demands that "we go from the ineffectiveness of the single command to a real co-governance with the CCAA"

• He denounces that the Government is using the state of alarm to limit our rights and freedoms and to modify by decree matters that have nothing to do with the health crisis such as the future of Churches in the CNI or that of special education

• He wonders if those who are now advising the Government are the same ones who advised him on the massive 8M protests

• He believes that, except for 8-M, the Government is late for everything and advises him to learn from the CCAA governed by the PP "who were the first to take action"

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