On the support of the PP to the Royal Decree of the Government against the Catalan digital Republic, he affirms that “whenever the PSOE looks at the law and the constitutional consensus, the PP will have no problem voting yes to measures that deepen the restoration of order” .

Remember Calvo, that today it has opened to modify Title VIII of the Constitution, that without the PP the Magna Carta cannot be modified and that “if the PSOE wants to impose its criteria and decide on Catalonia without having Spain, the PP will be in front so that our constitutional consensus does not jump through the air ”.

Claims the PP as "insurance so that the Constitution does not depend on Calvo and Rufián". "They have not worked for years the parents of the Constitution, so that the counselor of the ERE come to dynamit it".

Ironizes that this is the Black Friday week of the PSOE, "selling everything you can: the nation, the table of matches, bilaterality" and alert that the PP will be aware of whether any benefit is granted to Junqueras in exchange for to make President Sánchez because "it would be very serious."

He criticizes that "the PSOE is delivered to Bildu in Navarra, to the worst nationalism in the Balearic Islands and to the independentists in Catalonia."

Urges those who want to improve some law, to do so in Congress because "outside of that framework it is clear that it is not known very well against what is being" and are "eager to get attention."

Underlines that around the fight against gender violence there is consensus around the State Pact reached during the PP government.

He asks Sánchez not to weave sanitary cords when he is putting in Moncloa those who yesterday booed the Spanish parliamentarians in Venezuela. "Sanchez is going to make history by being the first president to target the Communist Party in Moncloa."

"Sanchez could have a contract formed with 10 notaries and the next day they would not hurt garments in not fulfilling it" because "he has betrayed his partners, party partners and it is not reliable with those who govern in the autonomous communities."

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