– The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, affirms that "with us, the Spaniards know who they vote for, because the PP comes to solve the problems of the Spaniards and not those of some Spanish politicians."

– García Egea says that on November 10 "we will choose between the blockade of the PSOE and Sánchez or the future of freedom governments, such as those of Juanma Moreno, Isabel Díaz Ayuso or José Luis Martínez Almeida."

– "With all the constitutionalist parties we are united by a need, as with all Spaniards, which is to unlock the situation in Spain," he reiterates.

– "The governments that depend on the PP have materialized and have managed to implement tax cuts, increased freedom and improvements for citizens."

During the presentation of the president of the PP of Malaga, Elías Bendodo, he highlighted his talent "conciliator and the reputation of a good negotiator, who never gives up." "No one better than Bendodo and the PP knows how to fight against the crisis, unemployment and poverty in which the PSOE has left Andalusia."

– "The Government of Juanma Moreno has lowered taxes, is on track to end the bureaucracy that suffocates this community and has promoted the momentum of private initiative." "The PP fulfills what it promises," he says.

– “With the PSOE in the government you always talk about economy and for worse. But since the PP has reached the Government of Andalusia. ” "This community is a land of certainty and not of uncertainty."

– "We are in time to avoid the crisis and the blockade with a stable PP government, led by Pablo Casado, and have as its best prop the Government of Juanma Moreno, offering trust and reliability," he emphasizes.

– He describes as “incredible and surprising” that the PSOE wants to complain against Elias Bendodo for telling the truth and not with whom he was trying to buy votes.

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