"Yesterday was a marriage of convenience that tries to agree and the staging of why the PP can not go around the corner with Sanchez," he says

“Sánchez is not reliable, it is an objective fact. He was able to say the same and the opposite in two hours and try to appear as the wild card that can agree with the constitutionalists, if they abstain, and form a far-left government with Iglesias, ”he criticizes.

He believes that, despite the distance between Sánchez and Iglesias, "both of them are interested in having a government and they will agree".

He points out that "on Thursday there will be government because the PSOE is already giving seats in the Council of Ministers."

"Each time the circle is closing more, We can get the chairs that he demanded and this presumes that the agreement is closer so that, for the first time, the extreme left is sitting in the Council of Ministers," he laments.

He accuses Sánchez of having "used the constitutionalists to bleach his agreement with Podemos when we know they will be sitting in the Council of Ministers because they had already decided."

He states that the decision of the Popular Party to vote not on Sánchez "has been the right one and that is what citizens and affiliates asked for."

He warns the PSOE that "going to elections is risky because the Spaniards are tired of Sanchez's whims that have led us to vote twice in just three weeks."

"Some new elections would be the finding of Sánchez's failure to bring together the forces of his ideological spectrum," says García Egea, who points out that "the PP has managed to bring together twelve different parties in different parts of Spain."

He emphasizes that yesterday many Spaniards felt represented with the intervention of Casado, "who put the points on the items to Sanchez, demonstrating that he leads the opposition" and advances that "it will not be easy" for the socialist leader.

He points out that "we cannot copy the worst of the left", which has always been fragmented, and urges us to reflect on the lists because when we go apart those who think the same in the fundamental, we have given the absolute majority to the PSOE in the Senate.

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