"We must never forget why we are here, where we are and who Pedro Sánchez is, who is president thanks to a motion of censorship without a program that ended a government that guaranteed solid economic growth and international recognition"

  • “Sánchez agrees what must be agreed by proxy. Sanchez chose his partners in the motion of censure, inadequate partners and nothing good for the Spanish ”
  • “I don't like Pedro Sánchez, but I like ERC even less. The problem is individualized in Pedro Sánchez who agrees to power ”
  • He emphasizes that “neither do they trust Pedro Sánchez. Unfortunately we are getting used to the fact that as president he says one thing and the next day he goes against it ”
  • “We have shown that the Popular Party is the guarantor of the coexistence and stability of our country and that is why we cannot leave Spain without an alternative. We are important today, in the medium and long term ”
  • “It is one thing to open the door for Pedro Sánchez to govern and then make the policies of Podemos, do not lower taxes or attack concerted education; and another one is, if Sánchez is invested president, agree on the great state policies, as Pablo Casado has offered him, so that things are done well ”
  • “The Popular Party is a party that always puts Spain's interest before its own. We always make the decisions that are best for Spain. The last example is in the senator that we have given to Citizens so that they have their own group ”

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