Garzón conveys to Spain's European counterparts Spain's commitment to the New Consumer Agenda

Garzón has transferred to its European counterparts the commitment of the Government of Spain with this roadmap that focuses on sustainable consumption and the digital transition.

In relation to sustainable consumption, Garzón has indicated that it will be a fundamental concept in the new Circular Economy Strategy. For Spain, sustainable consumption will be "a commitment to cooperation and joint work with local producers, the promotion of responsible consumption and increasingly clear and accessible information to consumers," he explained.

Along the same lines, Garzón has shown Spain's interest in adopting measures in relation to frontal nutritional labeling and has reported that it will work to promote the adoption of a common position throughout the EU.

Likewise, Garzón has defended that sustainable consumption must be accompanied by a reduction strategy for "single-use plastics" and with measures to combat the "planned obsolescence" of products. In sum, the ecological transition must come hand in hand with the promotion of sustainable consumption practices, "said the minister.

In relation to the digital transition and the protection of consumers in technological environments, Garzón has shown his commitment to carry out a structural economic change in Spain. "We have a production structure of low technological value and we need to upgrade it to high-tech activities," said the minister. For Garzón, the digital transition is part of this process and "we are concerned about the differences between high-tech companies, those that are not and the rights of consumers."

Consumer protection measures during the pandemic

The meeting, held today by videoconference, replaces the one that was to take place in Zagreb and was suspended by the pandemic. The ministers took advantage of the meeting to jointly analyze the impact of Covid19 on consumer rights.

Garzón has reviewed the measures put in place by the Government of Spain during the pandemic and has highlighted efforts to guarantee the rights of consumers affected by confinement and mobility restrictions. Likewise, he has explained to the European partners the actions of his ministry to regulate and avoid speculative price increases in products necessary to maintain public health.

The minister has also referred to the measures of the Government of Spain in the "social shield" focused on "vulnerable consumers", people in situations of vulnerability who could be hit harder by the effects of the pandemic. The minister highlighted the guarantees for the supply of basic services such as water, electricity or energy or the moratorium on the payment of mortgages and consumer loans for those who are in a vulnerable situation.

Garzón has insisted on the need to deepen consensus and promote common policies that allow us to advance at the European level in the protection of consumers and their rights.

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