Manuel Gavira recalled that VOX is the only party that has the most support measures for people with disabilities and families, at the press conference offered by the third secretary of the Parliament's Bureau and spokesperson for the Children's committee.

Gavira stressed that VOX is working so that the extension of hours in schools, the flexibility of parents' working hours or teleworking in companies are being implemented as far as possible to promote work-family reconciliation, on all for those families that have a disabled child.

In addition, the deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group recalled that his training was negotiating, and unfortunately it is something that has not been widely disclosed, to request that the Ministry of Finance evaluate the creation of a reconciliation check.

The reconciliation check is a check that is given to families so that parents or parents who have dependents in their care can make use of external services through this check, in order to clear themselves and be able to breathe, that is, insist in the family respite that is so necessary for families who have a child with a disability, and relieve them of the great effort that day to day involves having to care for a person with a disability.

Gavira has focused on the current crisis situation caused by the coronavirus, which is significantly affecting families with a member with a disability, since a significant number of relatives of people with disabilities may be affected by ERTEs or layoffs in the centers where they take care of their children, since most of them are sustained through family associations that in most cases depend on subsidies and concerts with the different public administrations.

In addition, the third secretary of the Table of the Andalusian Parliament has highlighted the high needs for protection and disinfection material, both for the centers and for users and families (PPE, hydroalcoholic solutions, handkerchiefs, waste containers, etc.), such as the need to increase the frequency with which the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, spaces, equipment (rehabilitation material, wheelchairs, technical aids, …) are carried out in these centers, which will mean a great economic effort to care centers for the disabled.

Manuel Gavira has warned of the critical situation in many Andalusian centers that care for disabled people and their families and has asked the Andalusian Government for urgent solutions to help these families alleviate this situation as much as possible.

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