Cádiz, November 30, 2020. The defense of the primary sector, the protection of our products against the threats generated by third countries that produce at low cost and without the quality controls required in the European Union and that are ruining our primary sector has been one of the great conditions that the VOX Parliamentary Group put on the table to sign the agreement to support the budget of the Junta de Andalucía for 2021, Manuel Gavira highlighted.

“It is cynical how some campaign so that the public does not buy Inditex garments because they are made by minors with low wages, and yet they look the other way when tons of oil from Tunisia or Morocco enter our country where work hours are pays 65 euro cents, is the double standard of the "Establishment", has lamented the deputy of VOX.

"I have been traveling the province for more than two years speaking with farmers, olive growers, ranchers, beekeepers, most of them are small producers with family farms and before this economic and health crisis of COVID-19 arrived they were on the verge of ruin , for that reason from VOX we could not allow the government of PP and Ciudadanos to forget about our primary sector in these crucial budgets due to the tough situation our province is going through"Gavira denounced.

The setting up of an office for the fight against fraud in the relabeling and phytosanitary control of products from third countries It was the first step if we want to protect our horticultural and livestock products, and we have demanded it from the Junta de Andalucía which will have to develop during 2021 a labeling and traceability inspection plan on imports from non-EU countries.

In addition, the VOX deputy has announced that it will be launched, through the 2021 budgets, important measures aimed at improving the competitiveness of family farms in Andalusia, encouraging the generation of employment and enabling the incorporation of young people into agricultural activity and generational change, thus contributing decisively to the maintenance of the rural population.

"We have to fight emptied Spain, join efforts to prevent rural localities, such as the towns of our sierra, from being left empty and our fields abandoned because our farmers and ranchers are currently selling at a loss and thus the field is not attractive to young people fleeing their villages looking for a better future”, Has warned the deputy of the GP VOX in the Parliament of Andalusia.

In this sense, Gavira has highlighted the launching of a game aimed at encouraging the incorporation of young people into agricultural activity, which has a budget in 2021 of 35 million euros, and of which in 2020 specific calls have been published for the provinces of Cádiz and Jaén, for an amount of 6 million euros in each of them. In total, there will be more than 1,200 young people who throughout 2021 will receive aid to carry out their business plans on farms, most of them small, but whose viability would be proven.

In another vein, the Andalusian parliamentarian has announced the launch of guaranteed loans for farmers / ranchers and the agri-food sector, that facilitate the realization of investments in productive farms that allow reinforce security in the event of unexpected situations. In addition, under the conditions required by the GP VOX for the signing of the budget agreement document, it has been agreed to review the aid requirements that in the face of adverse weather events are included in the different regulatory bases, establishing a fair framework in the treatment of the different agricultural holdings, reviewing, among other factors, the terms of the affected area, and its connection with the holding as a whole.

Finally, Gavira has highlighted that, in agricultural insurance, VOX considers it necessary to continue with the planning of the call based on the development of the different campaigns so that it can be support those sectors that have been harmed the most or on which it is intended to further boost recruitment.

On the other hand, the VOX deputy considers it necessary to continue betting on agricultural insurance, as well as conducting various advertising campaigns aimed at contracting insurance, in addition to continuing to increase the budget for this measure in relation to previous years.

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