The three ministers demand an ambitious CAP that ensures the economic viability of farms and rural areas, while meeting the expectations of European society, especially in environmental aspects. The three countries support the proposal of the European Commission (EC) concerning "green architecture" to provide adequate support to farmers in order to implement a transition towards a more sustainable production system, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodThey favor a greater conditionality and a mandatory eco-scheme and insist that the environmental transition must be carried out within a European framework based on the application of a series of common rules, which avoid the distortion of competitiveness, providing Farmers and ranchers a common and fair framework for production.

They underline that the budget of the next CAP must live up to the high expectations of European farmers.

They provide a simpler and more efficient CAP for their beneficiaries. It is necessary to simplify the new application model, to ensure efficient execution for beneficiaries, Member States, Länder, Autonomous Communities and regions, and to make it more understandable for citizens.

The ministers invite the rest of the ministers of Agriculture to support this declaration.

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