Gestamp Automoción was awarded yesterday, in the category of "Spanish company", during the 5th edition of the Awards of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hispanic-Turkish,

Gestamp Automotive

Gestamp launched the Adares wind farm in Turkey, with a power of 10 megawatts (MWs). The wind farm consists of 5 Gamesa G97 wind turbines of 2MW of power and will have an average production of 30,000 megawatts per year, covering the demand of some 13,000 Turkish homes, and avoiding the emission of 14,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Participants and winners

In addition to Gestamp, the president of the Consejoimsa Cementos Council, Tamer Saka, in the category of “Turkish company” and the president of the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (ISPAT), Arda Ermut, received the award the category of "Professional Merit." Also participating in the ceremony were the president of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hispano-Turca (institution organizing the event), Esther González; Turkey's ambassador to Spain, Cihad Erginay; and the executive director of Invest in Spain, María Jesús Fernández García.

The Hispanic-Turkish Chamber has as an objective to be an institutional instrument that promotes economic, commercial and cultural relations between Spain and Turkey, and wants to recognize, through the granting of these awards, those Spanish and Turkish people, institutions or entities that, with their activity and dedication, have stood out for their contribution to greater mutual growth or a higher level of interrelation between the two countries in the commercial, cultural and social fields.

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