Luis Gestoso, National Deputy of VOX for Murcia, has been part of the appearance of the fourth Vice President of the Government and Minister for Ecological Transaction and the Demographic Challenge in the Congress of Deputies.

During his speech, Gestoso reminded him that there is "no climatic emergency in Spain: I assure you that a radish does not matter to the Spanish who only see the true social and economic emergency", in addition to the fact that the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias concealed the The seriousness of the pandemic that is ravaging us to fulfill its ideological agenda: "They deceived tens of thousands of people on 8-M into the streets and has led us to break records of death and desolation around the world."

He has also pointed out the "fake news, verifiers, censors and monitoring that have been undertaken against our freedoms", as well as the use of "useless masks that have infected thousands of health workers, respirators that do not arrive, elderly people left to their fate in residences until to be found dead without medical assistance. ”

The National Deputy has alluded to the transfers used to punish the Levante and asked Ribera: “Do you know when we reach the historical annual maximum of CO2 in the atmosphere? On May 1, in the midst of a pandemic, with cars in the garage, factories closed and the world economy stopped, including the most polluting: China, according to data from the ministry's observatory of the carbon and greenhouse gas cycle of the ministry of North American trade ”, and added:“ Something is starting to fail in all its totalitarian globalist merchandise and it is simply the reality of the numbers that no longer accompany Greta ”.

Finally, Luis Gestoso has clarified that the government "does not care about people, the Spanish. Infumable laws, built on lies or half-truths, to justify an attack on economic freedom, create more bureaucracy and useless agencies and observatories where to place their friends and shower with abundant money from our pockets the creation of beach bars on the extreme left ”and He has asked Teresa Ribera to remove their hands from the budget and pay the payrolls of the last three months to the confined Spaniards and resign.

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