12-06-2019 | Cs

The Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs) registers in the Congress the Law of Protection and Support for Families, its first law of the legislature

"Citizens have registered the Integral Law of Protection and Support for Families because we are the party of all families in front of what the bipartisanship defended, which did not understand that there are many models," said the deputy of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs) , Sara Giménez, who has stressed that this law is "a great social breakthrough".
Giménez, in statements to the press after registering the law in Congress, has criticized the conservatives for not understanding LGBTI family models or single-parent families; and the PSOE and Podemos "for not supporting either large families or those who decide to opt for surrogate pregnancy when they want to be a father or mother".
The law presented by the GPCs extends the benefits of large families to families with two children and to single parents, with a direct help of 1,200 euros per year. In addition, families that are already numerous will become special category, so that families with three children and single parents with two will receive an aid of 2,400 euros per year.
The initiative also contemplates the universalization of free education from 0 to 3 years, the equalization of the rights of de facto couples to those of marriages on work permits and widow's pensions, among other circumstances; a State Pact for the Reconciliation and Rationalization of Schedules in companies, and the promotion of telework, among other measures, to favor the reconciliation of work and family life.

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