González Laya calls for more multilateralism in the fight against COVID in the videoconference with his European counterparts

Minister González Laya has advocated that the EU contribute to the strengthening of multilateral cooperation, under the leadership of the United Nations and with a central role of the World Health Organization (WHO). "In this fight against COVID, we need more multilateralism, more cooperation, and therefore more support for WHO." In addition, the minister noted that "no country will be truly safe from the pandemic until we all overcome it."

Likewise, Spain is committed to including a gender approach in all responses to the health crisis and its socioeconomic consequences, as women are a particularly affected group and at the same time a protagonist in the fight against the pandemic. The head of Spanish diplomacy also called for redoubled efforts to support Africa and Latin America.

On other issues discussed, mention should be made of the situation in Ukraine. The minister showed her support for the efforts of the Ukrainian government, especially in response to internal difficulties, those of COVID-19 and destabilizing and disinformation actions by third parties. He considered that "Ukraine should be encouraged to continue on the path of reforms, especially those aimed at consolidating the rule of law, judicial reforms, as well as advancing in the approval of the new banking reform law."

Also, the situation in Libya was addressed tangentially. The minister shared her concern about the humanitarian situation and the rebound in hostilities. There was agreement that the Irini mission had to be provided with means to ensure the arms embargo and promote the recovery of the political process. Finally, the situation in Libya, Turkey and Afghanistan were mentioned, although they agreed to return to these issues in subsequent meetings.

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