González Laya defends "a more united, more ambitious, greener and more supportive Europe"

During this working lunch with the representatives of the European partners, the minister has had the opportunity to list, first, the objectives of the Government in foreign policy. As he advanced in his appearance at parliamentary headquarters last week, Arancha González Laya recalled the axes of his foreign policy: the defense of democracy and human rights, support for regional integration and multilateralism, the promotion of a more equitable and egalitarian global economy, the fight against climate change and solidarity beyond our borders.

Regarding the community sphere, he highlighted before the Ambassadors the interest of Spain in being able to contribute to unblocking the negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union. Following the lack of progress in the last extraordinary European Council in February, Spain continues to aspire to an ambitious budget that reflects the importance of policies that have proven successful such as the Common Agricultural Policy or Cohesion. As the minister pointed out, CAP and Cohesion are two pillars that contribute to a fairer, more supportive and more united Europe, and added that "the budget is not a mere accumulation of figures, it is the expression of our priorities and our values ​​for Europe."

On the other hand, the minister recalled the importance of the moment in which we are in full negotiation of the future relationship that the European Union will maintain with the United Kingdom. González Laya has underlined Spain's desire to build an ambitious and close relationship that reflects the closeness, importance and intensity of our ties with the British, but always from a balanced and fair position between both parties.

The head of Spanish diplomacy has also referred to the need to turn the Brexit page in order to turn to the future of Europe, and particularly in the concerns of European citizens. Therefore, he has urged to actively promote the development of the Conference on the Future of Europe which will start on May 9.

"It is a necessary way to give the voice to citizens and involve them in the construction of our common project," said the minister at this lunch held at the Palacio de Viana, the official headquarters of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. "We must listen to them because issues such as social Europe, sustainability, digital transformation, the role of the EU as a global actor, the demographic and migration challenge or interconnections are urgent issues that require proposals from governments," said the minister to European ambassadors

Finally, González Laya has reiterated Spain's European commitment as a country that aspires to be decisive in the creation of consensus. The minister has finished her speech by mentioning that "Spain wants to be at the heart of the community decision, together with essential drivers of the European project such as France and Germany, together with our neighbor Portugal, our Mediterranean allies and with all those countries that, at Like us, they share the commitment to European construction. "

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