González Laya highlights to the ambassadors the importance of the Mediterranean and the Arab world for Spain

The head of the Spanish diplomacy has outlined before the Council of the Arab Ambassadors in Madrid her vision on the Spanish foreign policy towards the Mediterranean and the Arab world.

In this working lunch with the representatives of Arab countries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, recalled that the future of the Mediterranean, and particularly of its southern shore, directly affects the security and stability of Spain and the European Union (EU). He has also affirmed that our country will continue promoting the opportunities that the region offers and contributing to democratic progress and the strengthening of institutions. The minister also said that Spain will work to find a political solution to old and new conflicts and to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

For Spain, the relationship with the southern shore of the Mediterranean is of particular importance, with key challenges such as integration (the minister recalled precisely the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the conference that launched the Barcelona Process) and the promotion of economic relations , including investment, and trade with the Arab world. He also stressed that economic diplomacy will be precisely one of the axes of his Department. In this regard, he recalled that Spanish companies are leaders in strategic sectors and should be the spearhead of this new diplomacy.

When asked about the Middle East Peace Process, the minister assured that it is urgent that Palestinians and Israelis directly negotiate an agreement that takes into account their respective aspirations with the support of the international community. "Spain is prepared to continue working for the resolution of the conflict, in the light of our commitment to the solution of the two States, the resolutions of the United Nations and the internationally accepted legal parameters," said Minister González Laya.

Finally, Arancha González Laya has referred to the migration issue: "it is a structural phenomenon that requires a global and integrated management that includes answers for both irregular flows and regular migration. Spain has had excellent results thanks to the active collaboration with Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria ".

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