Esteban González Pons en Valencia

The Spokesman of the PP and vice-president of the PPE Group in the European Parliament, and candidate for the European elections, Esteban González Pons, has asked voters to participate in the European elections today because in the coming years many important issues will be decided within the framework of the European Union (EU).
"Many Spaniards have the feeling that what is European is not important, when the opposite happens, and in the next few years, when so many things will be decided in Europe, I would not want anyone to be left with the feeling that He participated when choosing who governs us from Brussels ", Gonzalez Pons explained after voting this morning in Valencia.
"The joy and I took it last night," he said in reference to the victory of Valencia in the final of the Copa del Rey, and "I hope that today continue for the party of democracy."
"The victory of Valencia yesterday shows that the unexpected victories, the victories against the prognosis, are the most important" added González Pons.

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