The vice president of the Group of the European People's Party (PPE) in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, today expressed his conviction that the candidate to preside over the European Commission, Úrsula Von Der Leyen, will defend "the state of Spanish law and unity of Spain "if this afternoon she is elected to that position by the European Parliament.

During a debate in the Plenary of the European Parliament on this candidacy, González Pons has ensured that the PPE Group shares with Von Der Leyen "his faith in the rule of law and in the primacy of constitutions, and I am sure that we have you to defend the state of Spanish law and the unity of Spain ".

The vice president of the PPE Group has confirmed the vote in favor of von Der Leyen and stressed that the candidate "represents anti-Europeanism today, voting against you today is voting for anti-Europeanism."

"This is the worst moment for an institutional crisis, in a world in crisis and on the verge of commercial war, Europe can not be decapitated," said González Pons.

In addition, González Pons highlighted von Der Leyen as "committed to European democracy", his capacity for dialogue, his "undoubted commitment" to climate change, and that belongs to the political family – the European People's Party – which has won the European elections on May 26.

González Pons has also stressed that "it is time for a woman to preside over the European Commission, and all of us who believe in equality between men and women today can not let this opportunity pass."

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