Esteban González Pons con Pablo Pérez Coronado, candidato a la alcaldía de Segovia

"We must prevent Vox's flight from leading Podemos to take power in municipalities and autonomous communities, and with influence in the European Parliament"

The Spokesman of the Popular Party and first vice-president of the European Popular Group in the European Parliament, and candidate for the European elections, Esteban González Pons, has warned today that if the president of the Congress, Mertixell Batet, "is lax with the deputies accused of trying to give a coup d'etat, does not suspend these deputies immediately and refers to what a judge, the European Parliament, tells her will have a precedent to do the same with Puigdemont ", that despite being absconded in Belgium is presented to the European elections.
In statements to the media in Segovia, González Pons has ensured that, by not immediately suspending the prisoners as deputies, "Batet must know that it is establishing a precedent that the European Parliament will then apply."
The popular spokesman in the European Parliament has explained that "the embarrassment we witnessed the other day in Congress", when prisoners accused of taking a coup took office as deputies, could have been avoided as there are other formulas to lend oath, but he has indicated that this situation "has been greatly aggravated by the indolent attitude of Batet".
"At stake is not only the prestige of the socialist party in Catalonia, but the prestige of Spanish politics before the rest of the EU," he added.
"We must prevent Vox's flight from leading to Podemos taking power"
On the other hand, González Pons has indicated that today the European elections have begun in the United Kingdom and that according to the polls the extreme right-wing of the Brexit [leaving the United Kingdom from the EU] will win with a large majority.
González Pons has advocated reacting with "prudence" to this possible result in the United Kingdom, but has also called for "protection against the virus of populism and nationalism, now is when we must be stronger against the extreme right and the extreme left" .
"In the last general elections, Spain, fleeing from Vox, fell into the arms of Podemos. In the next elections we must avoid that the flight of Vox entails that Podemos can take power in the municipalities, in the autonomous communities and also with the influence in the European Parliament, "he explained.
"Let us learn the lesson and gather in the European elections the vote of the center right around the PP, there is no other European option than the PP," he insisted.
Support to Pablo Pérez, candidate for mayor of Segovia
González Pons has also supported the candidacy of Pablo Pérez Coronado to the mayor of Segovia and stressed that "it is the best bet" for the city because it represents "change, which is youth", and "the future", because it belongs to the group of young people who want to stay and live in Segovia.

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