The Spokesman of the Popular Party and first vice-president of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, has assured today that the president of the acting government, Pedro Sanchez, is wrong "not to take an influential role and to stand as Macron's help against Merkel" in the context of the current negotiations in the EU to decide the main positions of the institutions.

In an interview with the COPE network, González Pons explained that now it is experiencing "a very tense pulse between Macron and Angela Merkel for control of the European institutions."

In this regard, he pointed out that the dinner last Monday in Paris of Pedro Sánchez with the French president, Emanuel Macron, "earned him a good photo in Spain, but he misplaced it on the table of the European Council [meeting of all the leaders of the countries of the EU] ".

"Placing himself as openly as Macron's help left Spain in a very subordinate position in France in the negotiations that are now coming," he added before underlining that "if Sanchez puts himself in Macron's service, Macron will be lucky and he will stay with the second prize, or with the prize that Macron wants to leave "in the distribution of relevant positions in the community institutions.

On the other hand, González Pons has assured that he does not believe that the ex-Catalan president escaped from justice in Belgium, Carles Puigdemont, becomes an MEP, since it is not enough for him to have been voted in the European elections but he should also Go to Madrid before July 1 to collect your minutes and take an oath to the Constitution, something that will not do before the possibility of being arrested.

Regarding the case of Oriol Junqueras, González Pons has indicated that he will probably be able to complete his MEP status even though he is in prison, because the Supreme Court can authorize him to take an oath, as was recently the case with his deputy in the Congress of the Deputies

Despite this, González Pons explained, Junqueras will not be able to attend sessions of the European Parliament when he is in provisional detention, and once he is condemned, he will be deprived of all his rights as an MEP.

González Pons added that the Catalan separatists "They are going to try to use the European Parliament as a speaker, as they have been trying for two years."

However, he recalled that "Puigdemont has been living in Brussels for almost two years and has not received any European or Belgian authority in two years. Puigdemont started being a very popular character on Belgian television and today he has become irrelevant. "

Gonzalez Pons has announced that "we will continue to do the same, which is to try to explain to all our partners what is the real situation in Spain and influence so that injustices are not committed with our country."

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