The vice president of the European People's Group in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, has defended the need to have much more intense young people so that the European project advances and continues to consolidate.
"The European Union will only survive if it effectively and decisively involves the new generations of young Europeans," González Pons said during a meeting of the YEPP (the youth of the European People's Party) held in Valencia.
"The current world poses challenges – such as digitalization, climate change or the management of migratory flows – that the EU can only face with success in the short and medium term if it incorporates the gaze and sensitivity of young people," explained the Vice President of the popular Europeans.
González Pons has stressed that it is not only about launching specific initiatives for youth such as the Erasmus program, although “they are undoubtedly very positive and have contributed decisively to European integration”, but above all “to incorporate the priorities of the young generations in all community policies ”.
González Pons has also insisted on the need for History to be known so as not to repeat past mistakes: “Many of those who are here today were not born when the Berlin Wall fell, but it happened only 30 years ago, so it is good remember what this has meant, to understand that freedoms, security and peace can never be considered guaranteed but instead we must work every day to maintain and strengthen them. ”

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