Esteban González Pons se ha reunido hoy con la Confederación Empresarial Valenciana (CEV)

The Spokesman of the Popular Party and first vice-president of the European Popular Group in the European Parliament, and candidate for the European elections, Esteban González Pons, has assured today that "The main threats to the Valencian economy are the Brexit, the trade war between the US and China, the future of citrus and the future of the Ford plant. "

Speaking to the media before meeting with the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV), González Pons has said with respect to Brexit that if the surveys of the vote of the United Kingdom in the European elections, celebrated yesterday, are confirmed, "the extreme right, the party Pro Brexit of Nigel Farage, will have swept, and will have more than twice as many deputies as the second most voted party. "

"That means that the Brexit will be, and that it has a good chance of being a hard Brexit, "Gonzalez Pons warned, adding that the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, announced today, may give way" surely to a next prime minister. more Brexit supporter "

Therefore, "we entered a period of political uncertainty with the United Kingdom, and the Spanish and Valencian economy are strongly linked to that of the United Kingdom", a situation that in his opinion must be addressed "with prudence, responsibility, and not imitating the chaos British, which can spread to Europe. "

On the trade war between the US and China, he warned "that it can cause a recession in Europe, so we must be prepared for the consequences it can bring to our economy."

Another key issue for the coming years, pointed out González Pons, is the future of Valencian citrus. In this regard, he has pronounced in favor of bringing a claim against the port of Rotterdam for the competition that he exercises: "Our rival is not South Africa, not even Egypt, it is the port of Rotterdam, where one hundred percent of the orange enters. that is imported and where the phytosanitary analysis of these imports is privatized ".

Also, González Pons has been "concerned about the future of the Ford plant" in the Valencian Community and has said that "the transition to a green economy must be done with great care with the jobs of the automotive industry" .

"The rumors about a possible diesel tax and the increase in the price of diesel have done a lot of damage to the automobile industry and the coming years are going to be decisive," added Gonzalez Pons, who has assured that both the Generalitat and the MEPs Valencians who work in Brussels must "defend the interests of the Ford plant."

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