Madrid, December 2, 2020.- The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has been very critical today with the treatment of the Bill by which certain urgent measures are adopted in the field of agriculture and food. "In the beginning, it sought to protect the interests of the primary sector, or at least it disguised it that way, so that the effective costs of production of agricultural holdings were covered, but it has had poor and ineffective results," he denounced.

The senator has regretted that the law has not been improved with the amendments presented by the parliamentary groups, including the 24 presented by the VOX Parliamentary Group.

«When it was intended to give legal security and certainty to our agricultural sector, the government has once again turned its back on farmers«, Lamented the senator, who has warned that« for what comes out here today, the useless Law of the PSOE and Podemos will be responsible ». As he explained, the result of this Bill is that farm workers "They will still not cover production costs in relation to prices".

«In this reality, in that of farmers, in that of cattle ranchers, in that of people who get up early to work and pay taxes to the nefarious Government that leads us to ruin, prices do not cover the costs of production or in the grape neither in the cereal nor in the olive, for example ”, has denounced.

The senator explained that this situation is the result of the legal uncertainty and mistrust "that you generate in the market." "Gentlemen of the Government, they are sinking even more the agricultural exploitations and the Spanish products", has argued.

Offshoring of farms

In this sense, he has deepened to explain that "the Law of the Food Chain only applies in our territory, not to the rest of the countries from which we import." "It does not affect Europe and does not affect the south of Algeciras like Morocco," he pointed out. This situation, he criticized, "encourages the relocation of trade and agricultural holdings to other foreign countries such as Morocco, due to their lack of involvement with the agricultural sector."

The senator has also reproached the Executive for its enmity towards the United States and complicity with the Venezuelan dictatorship, which has caused Moroccan imports to grow (82% in vegetables and fruits to Spain and 40% to the European Union in five years) , when "Spain is one of the leaders in this sector«.

The senator for Andalusia has concluded with a question: "Have you not been advised that the production costs of those third countries, with which the EU has signed Free Trade agreements, are very low compared to those of EU countries such as Spain?".

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