The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has once again exposed the left's obsession with prohibiting. On this occasion, in the Plenary of the Senate, a Proposal for a Law on the Financing of Urban and Metropolitan Public Transport, in which it is proposed to improve public transport by prohibiting private.

"Behind his kind and environmentalist speech, his ideological plans are hidden," the senator has warned. "To improve public transport, they can think of nothing else than to ban private transport, adding gender harangues, which have nothing to do with it, but are on their ideological agenda and you have to put it in with a shoehorn," he continued.

In this sense, he has made reference to the incongruity of the Proposal of the Law of the Confederal Left with the data. And it is that, according to the Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM), almost 70% of the users of urban buses in the Community of Madrid are women, a far distance from the 47.5% of women who travel by private vehicle for 52.5% of men. "According to these figures, private transport is much more equal than public transport."

Thus, the senator has asked why they want to promote public transport, which, according to the reports commissioned by left-wing governments, and which cost almost 53,000 euros, to study the gender impact of the underground of the m30, private transport is more egalitarian.

For this reason, he denounced that, “after a laudable measure, such as the improvement of public transport, we find the attempts to prohibit the common benefit".

In this sense, he has argued "the prohibition of everything, based on occurrences as usual and we constantly see on the left, should not be the path of development of the law." "Instead of constantly prohibiting and accusing citizens, take measures that promote and improve in fields of free competition and development so that within their freedom of choice, they opt for public transport," he requested.

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