The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has denounced today that for Bildu and ERC politics is more important than people's lives. "We have seen the surprising case with doctors, endangering the health of our compatriots by valuing more knowing a language parallel to another understandable by the two subjects, than their technical skills," he lamented.

During his intervention in the debate on the Motion on compliance with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ​​during the COVID-19 crisis, for which VOX has registered amendments, presented by the two separatist formations, the senator has defended that “something that has served as a cultural and fraternal vehicle throughout history cannot now be used as a political weapon by those who try to make a distinction between equals and harassment of the who does not speak it.

González-Robatto has criticized the linguistic requirements that, today, "come, with vile and unsupportive interests, to promote hatred among Spaniards and to constitute in a hidden way discriminatory requirements for access to public service."

"Languages ​​are used to unite, to communicate, to understand each other," said the senator, who has argued that they cannot be used to "differentiate, discredit, divide."

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